About Us

British born, bred and engineered

Evica is an industry leader in engineering high end architectural lighting products and optical instrumentation. The Evica team design, manufacture and test everything we manufacture on site in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

We have been at the forefront of innovative LED design and lighting applications for 20 years and have been creating some of the best and most reliable Gobo projectors for the biggest names in the industry. 

These companies only accept the best and their exacting standards are reflected in the quality and build of our own redeveloped range of products.  

Our projectors have been installed in some of the finest hotels, galleries, retail stores and restaurants worldwide including New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Dubai.

The Heart of Evica – Our Personalised Service and Support

At the core of every Evica Lights project, is the relentless commitment to delivering a personalised approach to service and support. 

What does that mean?

Purchasing a gobo projector or a custom gobo for existing projectors is rarely a “quick-click” purchasing decision.

The Evica team will work with you to fully understand the requirements of your lighting project and recommend the right solution.

The 360 product approach (in-house design, prototype, assemble, test and service) means that the Evica team have complete control over the product process and allows for flexibility to create bespoke solutions to projection “problems” whether you are looking for a striking alternative to more traditional signage or a health and safety lighting solution for a warehouse setting.

But sometimes you know exactly which gobo light you need for your project and with Evica Direct.com the big news is that now you can buy this new amazing range of Gobo projectors direct from us. The designers and manufacturers. Giving you the world’s best quality gobo projectors, at the best price that can be found on the web. All made to last with that industry renowned Evica reliability.

We work on many projects and should there be any specifics, advice or collaborative efforts you need please message us HERE and we'll call you straight back.